The FVE is a federation with many services related to the building trades. Representing nearly 2,800 companies and 22,000 workers, it guarantees the quality of its members and compliance with standards. It employs the agency Bader Creation to raise public and professional awareness of the importance of choosing the right business when building or renovating.

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The FVE publishes a list of its members. As an employers' association, lobbyist and owner of a unique training centre in Switzerland for building trades, it guarantees the quality of its members, who, in the face of competition that is not always honest, undertake to respect a certain code of ethics in terms of safety, employment and transparency.


How can we communicate this role of guarantor to the public, enabling them to verify the quality of the companies working on their property? How can the association's presence at the "Habitat Jardin" show be represented with a communication campaign DNA that identifies itself and invites curiosity?


The agency designs the stand for the unmissable "Habitat Jardin" show and proposes a press, event, digital, film and bus advertising campaign. A series of puns around the main types of trades involved that demonstrate the loyalty and seriousness of the federation's members.

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The agency designs a playful and offbeat image communication campaign to address the issue of quality in the construction industry.

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FVE Galerie 2
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