How do you create a new craft beer brand in an already overflowing market? Founded in 515 AD, the Abbey of Saint Maurice is the oldest active Christian monastery in the Western world. This historic institution needed something new, yet steeped in tradition.

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The Western world's oldest active Christian monastery was looking to market a new beer. Having built a brewery and hired a master brewer to create bespoke recipes, the next step was to hire bader.creation to create a complete brand identity.


To stand out in an already saturated market. To successfully create one of Switzerland's only abbey beers - a variety which demands tradition by definition. Finally, to create a space for a fascinating product while respecting the religious community yet appealing to the general public.


We deep dived in the history of the abbey to incorporate the dimension of tradition. Each contemporary recipe combines a unique historic element with a hint of mystery, so bader.creation tells this brand story with a subtle twist, linking in the taste of each beer and adding a light, poetic feel to centuries of tradition.

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This brand's story encapsulates the rich historic and cultural background of an iconic place. It treats its creators' beliefs with respect while exuding a delicate, poetic spirit.

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