Cambria is recognised in the construction sector in Valais for its expertise and the quality of its services. It is a family business and above all a loyal team with a philosophy of quality based on human understanding.

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Cambria, a specialist in temporary employment, has a reputation in the construction sector. The company is growing in the area of administrative and office recruitment and is also creating a new entity to offer a payroll service.


How can we develop an identity (positioning, brand architecture, visual universe) that reinforces Cambria's position while it develops new services and business sectors?


Following the strategy proposed by the agency, a new business sector is created at Cambria and a new company – Delego – is founded to manage payroll services. Bader Creation proposes an identity universe for the entire brand with a tone and images adapted to each of its organisations.

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The Cambria spirit is first and foremost a human one. It offers an ideal of respect and attentive listening to others. Not only to employees and customers, but also to those that they place in employment. A fragile and precious ecosystem based on trust and listening.

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As the company evolves and rethinks its fields of action, how can we create a branding strategy that allows the brand to be exported into new sectors without losing the strength of its message along the way?

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