Christopher Balestra has a vision. For him, gastronomy is not just gastronomy, it is a moment, an overall experience that one has to feel good. The agency develops an identity based on the idea of a true gastronomic moment, an offer for epicureans who place as much emphasis on the atmosphere of the moment as on the quality of what is on their plate. And it pays off: French restaurant guide Gault et Millau praises the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant, the friendly welcome of the team and the minimalist but successful menu.



Christopher Balestra approaches us to create a gourmet restaurant. Everything is to be done – finding the place, creating the identity and positioning and, of course for Christopher, putting everything in place so that a demanding vision can become reality.


How can we communicate an image of epicurean cuisine when we are new in the place? How can we project the image of a moment, of an atmosphere that is both exacting and relaxed, simple and sincere?


The agency creates an elegant identity designed to complement the gastronomic imagery. It conveys an atmosphere and a very precise idea of gastronomy: one that is designed to make you feel at ease, to offer you the very best and to glorify the moment.

At Helios, quality goes hand in hand with well-being – a claim that encompasses the idea of service, interior design, product selection and, of course, gastronomic excellence.

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