CA next bank defines itself as 100% human and 100% digital, offering face-to-face and remote value-added services with multilingual advisors and straightforward digital tools. We injected energy into the brand's visual and editorial identity and suggested a clear break with conventional banking practice.

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CA next bank is a premium digital brand with digital tools to make it easy for customers to connect with advisors and other facilities. As a subsidiary of one of Europe's leading financial institutions and firmly established in this multi-currency region, the bank is committed to making life easier for its increasingly active, mobile customer base.


To set the brand apart from its competition with a distinct graphic identity to emphasise its competitive edge. To develop a complete concept (colours, visuals, graphics, layouts, editorial tone of voice) to reflect the brand's close relationship with its customers.


Bader.creation overhauled banking codes and broke away from traditional financial style and communication norms. We started again from the current strategy, reinventing visuals, creating first applications (posters, digital films, website), redefining the brand's tone of voice, mapping out the whole ecosystem and supporting the bank with implementing them.

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The banking world knows that it needs to regain the trust of its customers, yet the industry's image and language have changed very little, except in a few rare cases. When we started working with CA next bank, we knew that getting close to its customers would mean sweeping away some of the dustier aspects of the banking industry.

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As the company evolves and redefines its operations, how can it create a brand strategy that will enable it to move into new sectors without losing its identity along the way?

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Branding is a powerful tool for conveying a state of mind. Over the course of this project, we wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to a sector paralysed by image and prestige. A bright brand concept with fresh, contemporary graphics and a relaxed, friendly tone of voice enabled us to break down the arrogant image that has sometimes dogged banks. The new tone is dynamic, inventive and spontaneous.

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