Caran d'Ache signs a partnership with Warner Bros. for the release of the film Justice League. How can we use a single voice to communicate to different audiences with luxury and mass market products? Just put your trust in the power of superheroes.

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For the release of the first Justice League film (produced by Warner Bros.) in November 2017, Caran d'Ache is launching a limited series of high-quality writing instruments associated with three superheroes from the film, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.


To develop a universe concept to communicate this extraordinary partnership by promoting the product more than the film. The universe must be able to be used for both the luxury and retail campaigns, on print, digital and merchandising media.


Designed By... Bader Creation imagines that each hero has commissioned the famous house to design their pen, with SUPER requirements of course. The agency uses abstract visuals from macro photos of the actual pens.

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The pens were inspired directly by the outfits, so the agency focuses in on the origin of the design to create a campaign narrative and imagines that it is the superheroes themselves who have commissioned the writing house to create these tools.

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