SPG Finest Properties, partner of Christie’s International Real Estate, is reinventing itself. The branch of SPG specialising in luxury property is the pioneer in French-speaking Switzerland. After 15 years, the agency is reimagining all of its core communications. 

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SPG Finest Properties is the SPG-RYTZ Group's luxury specialist in real estate. There is increasing competition in this sector, along with pressure on prices. The brand's name was too generic and too long, and the partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate diluted brand recognition.


The client selected bader.creation as its creative partner for the rebranding. Its positioning shows that the brand draws power from the quality of its partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate and the strength of the SPG group. The team's specialist experience in this market and a concept of tailored service above and beyond industry standards drive it further onwards.


The agency renamed the company with a short, powerful name and rethought its essence. SPG ONE's new editorial expression showcases the vision of its stakeholders. We created a strong characteristic logo along with a brand platform and an entire ecosystem (images, icons, graphics, video and social media content) to accompany the brand launch.

The agency created an elegant identity with a strong character. An assured editorial and visual tone. This brand is destined to establish the SPG ONE experience.

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Contemporary elegance

Two sets of three letters, one set on top of the other. Naming isn’t just about the words; the letters also create a piece of artwork. The sound of "one" indicates the company's position but also the unique character of the properties and clients in this sector. We worked on the brand's hallmarks to express a strong personality while maintaining elegance. These hallmarks comprise a system of colours, typography, symbols and images to encapsulate the brand. Between modern and classic, characterful and soft, subtle and strong, SPG ONE's brand identity marries extremes and exudes character and style.