CISEL is a Swiss Romand full-service IT company that fulfils its clients' IT requirements with large-scale services. It has a pragmatic vision and strives to offer its clients tailored technology, whatever their needs.

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For its 50th anniversary, the company wanted take stock and reaffirm its strategic positioning and values on the Swiss market. CISEL is a company of 85 young, committed colleagues.


Reforging CISEL's visual identity required us to embody its values and positioning. How do you convey a vision and an ambition that aims to make technology simple for clients through an authentic, human approach?


We created an identity where the text is written in code. Storytelling is at the core, and we have used sets of typography to tell human stories. The contrast between the apparent coldness of the design and the more human content says a great deal about the profession.

Bader has created an identity where the code acts as a partition which tells the story of people and of projects destined to grow in scope. Technology is the script that enables projects to take off.

Storytelling in code.

The story starts with the logo, which embodies the company's passion for IT. Bader has created sets of typography fluctuating between elegance and computer codes. The structures are multicoloured and dynamic, and the link between design, photos and content sparks the question: what exactly is technology? There's also a video created by

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