Cotecna is among the most dynamic testing, inspection and certification companies in its sector. With more than 4,000 employees worldwide, it remains "small" compared to its competitors, who are real global giants.

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The company has been working on the "modernisation" of its website for two years with new graphic codes and a more contemporary style, but they realise that their logo is no longer in step and that their positioning seems contrived. Cotecna chooses Bader Creation to analyse their needs and advise them.


The agency develops a brand universe based on a slogan Trust for a moving world. The style and tone are aligned with the company's obvious dynamism. The identity communicates ideas of speed of action and a willingness to be agile and propose tailor-made solutions. It is a real brand transformation with clear and incisive positioning.


Thanks to the strong positioning, the agency manages to unite everyone around this new identity and it is very quickly adopted and deployed in the various world markets. In early April, Cotecna announces its new positioning with the help of a video animation and now presents a contemporary and energetic look and tone.

Cotecna needs to demonstrate its ability to act in a clear and unequivocal way. Communications agency Bader Creation repositions the brand, rethinks its communication codes, renews its identity and develops an editorial tone based on the idea of agility. A strategy that will be rewarded with a prize in the "branding" category of the "Meilleur de la Pub" best advertising awards in 2018.

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