The whole history of the Trésor et Saveurs brand starts with saffron imported from Taliouine, Morocco. From this arid land of the Berbers comes an exceptional product that achieves exceptional results in certification tests. All that remains is to find a position, a name, a brand universe and a place on the market.

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Exceptional saffron that needs to find its buyers and invent itself from A to Z in a very crowded and competitive market. Consumers who do not really know how to judge its quality.


To position the product, to allow it to exist. To create a name and a universe. The agency chooses to position the product as a perfume, to reveal all its quality and fragrant power.


A strong launch and, in less than a year, the new brand is chosen as a partner of the Bocuse d'Or competition in Switzerland. A brand development that will extend to many products.

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This saffron inspires us with its history and origin. But it is also a difficult product to market since our tests show that even experienced cooks do not always know how to judge the quality of saffron. With exceptional results for certifications, Slow Food will qualify it as one of the best saffrons in the world. The agency elects to make this quality apparent through the design, by creating a brand like a perfume.

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The success of Trésor de Taliouine leads the brand to diversify. The agency develops a range of sub-brands and creates the Trésor et Saveurs parent brand to bring together all its ranges.

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