High-tech aluminium firm Airware® is showcasing its technological progress and taking on a new mission: an ultra high-tech material especially for aerospace applications. The brand is shifting from sky to space, featuring images of the sky without any aircraft. This light, technical design showcases its innovative strengths.



Constellium is a leader in aluminium and Airware® represents the aerospace sector. The brand provides alloys with  specific properties used for commercial and military aircraft parts. Developing technology just a few years ago, Airware® is now a mature brand and well established among major manufacturers.


To communicate a technological advance that is becoming the norm.
We needed to recreate the technological dream for Airware®. The product is now used on a number of prestigious programmes by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin and NASA as structural components on their aircraft or launch vehicles. These developments give the brand a new, unprecedented edge and show that aluminium is becoming a material of choice in a sector where demands are high.


Following a positioning workshop, bader.creation developed a new strategy centred on Airware®'s strength: its capacity to create customised alloys and collaborate with large companies to implement solutions that are both innovative and ready for industrialisation. The new aerospace applications are a clear demonstration of this. We changed the brand's DNA and gave it the tools to rise to new heights ...

constellium galerie 1
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The highly technological brand codes and the tone of voice reinforce the idea of continuous innovation. Even in highly technical B2B applications, the brand values are palpable and gradually take us from sky to space.

constellium galerie 4
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Our graphic, visual and editorial choices clearly show the brand's technical progress. The new skies visuals are free of aircraft, the designs are technical and precise, and white contrasts with the darkness of space.

constellium galerie 7