An open face, a frank gaze, a posture of kindly confidence. This is the first impression one gets on meeting Olivier Waridel, founder of Enlightening. This is reinforced when you learn that the start-up's business is to provide support to managers in their strategic decisions by offering them a vision based on human respect. Bader Creation positions the brand and creates its universe.

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Enlightening is the result of a conviction that, despite the latest technological capacities, it is human quality that can make the difference. The ability to imagine, to invent, to bring others along with you, to create teams with the best possible skills and finally to convince others to give you the means. Thanks to its experience and an established and proven network of skills, Enlightening intends to offer companies a service ranging from project management to fundraising and an outsourced management service.


To understand the strengths of the founder and base the brand universe on a reassuring and professional discourse. To ally Mr Waridel's extensive experience with the reality and needs of business. To offer a reassuring and fair tone that allows us to establish a relationship of trust with future customers.


Bader Creation positions this start-up company and proposes a communication style that is as clear and transparent as a person's ideas. The agency does not seek to employ any tricks, but rather to relay as precisely as possible a personality that conveys a natural confidence. Starting with two workshops, the team positions the brand, develops its identity and its universe, creates the company's corporate communications and delivers a turnkey branding/communication toolbox.

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Confidence cannot be created artificially through branding or advertising. However, it is possible to communicate these types of values by offering tools that allow people to express them. So the agency's mission is not to create messages, but to let them live, to offer transparency, and to allow an editorial and visual landscape that reflects a faithful vision. It therefore requires meticulous, in-depth work to understand a brand, its authors and its drivers.

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